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In the name of Merciful God

Hemmat Zarrin Asia for hydraulic

Hemmat Zarrin Asia Co. for Hydraulics, Fawaz Hydraulic before.

The company was established in 1985 in spite of the minority of ranges which covered in its prelude start and the severity of competition it faced , but it could develop its production noticeably by the merit of God , until it had a known and brilliant name in the scope of manufacture of hose fittings which was famous not only in Syrian market through our products that it spread there and we are ambitious to reach our products to all the world . This name is the fruit of years of steady and continuous effort in order to raise the name of our national industry. The development of its production wasn’t only in increasing the number of ranges it manufactures , but it proceeded to increase the preciseness and quality of its products with the realization of the best prices . The company is interested and specialized in manufacture of all types of fittings and hose heads (Hydraulic, air, diesel and conditioners) with international specifications concerning preciseness and quality and in order to serve our clients, the company could provide freight of goods to all brother Arab countries and friend foreign countries . When you deal with Fawaz Company, you feel that it is interested in your opinions and the opinions of the brother industrymen and professionals in order to develop the product and consequently you won’t be restricted with the available type which may not suit the work circumstances available at your side.

The satisfaction of Customer is our Target